The Govanhill Project

This is a beautiful and technically difficult project, but in many ways it is totally pointless. These two 6mt windows are in stairwells that no one uses. The windows can only be seen at night when illuminated from within but the building is situated in a street that is not very busy.
However, I am glad that I made them.

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Govanhill Stained Glass Govanhill Stained Glass Govanhill Stained Glass Govanhill Stained Glass Govanhill Stained Glass Govanhill Stained Glass

The Govanhill Project

Material - Mouthblown Lamberts Glass,
Technique - Acid etching, glass painting and silverstaining
Dimensions - 2 x 6mts x 0.9mts
Architects -
The concept
I present a concept in two parts, the architectural elements, my response to the brief, and the intimate elements, my response to the situation.
The large windows in the stairwells although creating an exciting and vibrant light in the stairwells during the day, are designed to work when viewed from outside to highlight, and ????? the building. They will slowly become illuminated as the daylight fades and the lighting in the stairwells takes over. When this crossover happens will depend on the type and strength of lighting provided.
These two large windows in the stairwells will create a rich and vibrant magical space internally during daylight hours. However this concept has been created and scaled to be an external enhancement to the building in the evening. The works will create an immediately recognisable identity for this building.
These are two independent but related artworks. I have worked on many possibilities within this concept, but those that have selected for this presentation are based on the words NURTURE contained within the word RESPECT and MEMORIES enveloped by the word CHANGING.
Each letter of these words is reflected horizontally and vertically forming a block, Reflection being related to memory. Each letter and the background to each letter is faded in some way. I find that this juxtaposition of fading elements creates a vibrant and exciting abstract image.
The use of colour enhances the designs and emphasises these qualities of NURTURE and of MEMORIES.
The idea is based on the architecture and the function of the building. It relates to the function of the building. It uses the decorative and abstract qualities of text to creates two large shimmering objects.
I worked through several possibilities of what would be appropriate. The two windows here are based on the words, NURTURE AND RESPECT abd CHANGING MEMORIES. Through reflection, and fading, the letters are changed and transformed into something although still recognisably text , becomes much more than this.
Each letter is reflected and fades, symbolic of the illness of the residents.
The word NURTURE is enclosed within the word RESPECT in one window
And the word MEMORY is contained within the word CHANGING.
This part of my concept is an art work for the public view to think about this illness that will affect so many of us in the future.