List of Some Commissions

2011 - 2015
Artist/Arts Coordinator for the Kericho Cathedral Project in Kenya

Shanghai Holy Trinity Church (second phase)
18 Lancets and 2 rose windows for the east and west transepts of the building.

Private Villa, Dubai
9 sections of kiln structured glass. The Centre Panel, glass painting, enamelling and silver staining

Shanghai Holy Trinity
3 windows on themes from the Life of Christ
Dim: 3 x

Bankhall Road
Flashed antique glass, etched painted and silver stained
Dim: 2 x 6Mts x 0.9Mt

9 sections slumped and fused Bullseye Glass
Dim: Centre Panel 1.31 x 1.29 Mts

Oran Mor, Glasgow, Scotland
Apr. 2007
four windows, abstract landscape
Dim: 4 x 1.58 Mt x 0.55Mt
1 slumped panel (since destroyed)
Dim : 2.5Mt x 1.2Mt

Former Synagogue, Hirshberg, Germany
Apr. 2006, 2 Circular Windows
Dim : 1 panel 1.23Mt, 1 panel 1.34Mt

Domaine Mechtildshausen
Sep. 2005, 2 Windows on a theme of the Elements
Dim : 7 panels various sizes, 1 panel 1.60Mt x 1Mt

Pinehurst, North Carolina
2005, Window Titled "End of the Age of Innocence" An Allegorical Scene.
Dim 1.92Mt x 1.00Mt

Bowdon Synagogue
2004 - 2005 4 Windows, consisting of 4 panels each on a theme of The Major Jewish Festivals
Dim : 4 panels 1.10mt x 0.71Mts , 12 panels : 1Mt x 0.60Mt

Gullane Parish Church
Nov 2003 Windows on a theme of Local Creation
Dim 1 circle 1.4mts 2 arched windows 1.10Mt x 0.74Mt

Domaine Mechtildshausen
July. 2003, 4 Windows on a theme of the Elements
Dim : 2 x 2.5 Mts x 0.82Mts , 2 x 1.7Mts x 0.82Mts

Kilmacolm Windows
Dec. 2002, Window in 3 sections Dim: 1.6Mt x 70cm

Newlands Windows
Nov. 2002, 3 windows on the themes of The last Supper, in the Garden of Gethsemane and the Supper at Emmaus.
Dim: 3 - 1.2Mt x 61cm

Riverside Window

Sep. 2002, Riverside Church, Dumbarton
Dim: 28 sections various sizes